Mule Deer, Pinnacle Peaks Trailhead

I have just been lucky enough to travel to Arizona (Scottsdale) to spend Thanksgiving with my wife and friends there.

As most of them worked while I was on holiday I had time to scout the area and on a suggestions headed up to this location expecting to be able to photograph the sunset and desert itself.

However on the drive in this Mule deer was standing just to the side of the entrance road and was willing to stand while I took this shot from the drivers seat. Inquisitive but wary, it stood, checked me out then walked off through the scrub out of shot.

There are two deer types in this area, Fallow and Mule. I was able to identify this as Mule when I saw some others later, the stiff legged, bounding ‘running’ style is the key identifier of the Mule. The Fallow runs in much more fluid motion.


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